Weighted Soothing Sloth


Affectionately called "Sydney the Sloth" in the office, you will love our Weighted Soothing Sloth as much as we do.  Weighing 1.8kgs this Sloth is the perfect cuddle companion for children seeking additional sensory therapy feedback or for anyone who loves a snuggly soft toy. 

* Helps with self-regulation and promotes calmness
* Portable to provide reassurance on the go
* Comes in a lovely reusable calico drawstring bag 

Weight: 1.8kg
Size: from head to paw 47cm long
Made of 100% polyester outer with polyester and glass bead filling.

Care Instructions: 
Soft hand wash with a mild detergent in water under 30 degrees C. Cold rinse. Do not tumble dry.

Safety instructions:
Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to risk of SIDS. Dispose of product immediately if it tears.

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