Bouncy Bands for Speciality Desks with Pipes

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Bouncy Bands for Specialty Desks come with a 36" band, 2 rope clamps, and 2 hinged support pipes that are shipped in the open position to be closed around the desk legs.

Bouncy Bands help fidgety children stay at their desks (or in their chairs). It attaches to the front legs of any standard classroom desk and provides the perfect activity for "busy" feet.

The thick rubber resistance also helps provide deep pressure input to assist with sensory processing and calming. Active students are more productive and spend more time on task when they can move.

Students with short legs enjoy being able to rest their feet on the Bouncy Band instead of having them dangle all day.

In addition, students who feel anxious when working enjoy being able to stretch their legs to release their anxiety while they work. 

The loops on both ends of the Bouncy Band are perfect for desk legs that are 1-1.25" in diameter. Students love being able to wiggle while they work!


• Help students move while they work at their desk.

• Improve student time on task since they aren't as anxious or hyperactive.

• Improves sensory processing, positioning and mobility.

• Improves fine and gross motor skills

• Can help aid language and communication skills for students with learning challenges. • Sensory Solution for children with anxiety and other sensory needs (SPD, ASD, ADD, ADHD…) or children who are just "fidgety."

• Deep Sensory Input (Proprioceptive)


• Sold as Single Unit

• Made heavy-duty rubber

• Install to the desk in minutes

• Teachers love Bouncy Bands because they are quiet and don't disturb or distract other students.

• The support pipes are 8" long and 1.5" in diameter.

• Replacement bands available *Call for more information

• Available for regular and wide desks as well

• Designed by experts, perfect for use at home, clinic or the classroom

• All parts are free of latex and pthalates


1. Loops are secured on both ends of the band with heavy duty rope clamps. Bouncy Bands for Specialty Desks require a pair of pliers and it takes 3-5 minutes to install each set.

2. Rope ClampThe 8" support pipes are hinged and clamp around the desk leg. Be sure the tabs for the support pipes line up correctly with the slots before squeezing and locking the support pipes closed. They are not designed to be re-opened.They keep the Bouncy Band at the perfect height, while keeping it from sliding down the floor. The support pipes have an inside diameter of 1.5". so make sure that the upright supports will fit inside that dimension.

3. The band is 36" long, yet when you make the loops for both ends, the band is designed to fit on desks that are 20-28" wide. Be sure to stretch the band before securing the second loop so the band will be tight when being used. (The rope clamps are not designed to be easily opened and closed.)

Any excess band can be cut with large scissors. Recommended Ages 5-18