WhisperPhone Solo

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WhisperPhone is a hands-free, voice-feedback headset that enables learners to focus on and hear sounds that make up words ten times more clearly as they learn by processing lan guage aloud. WhisperPhone helps accelerate development in speech training by channeling the voice directly into the user s ear. Being hands-free students can easily flip through a book or write at the same time as using Whis perPhone. This strengthens their sensory devel opment and reinforces the learning process. Dishwasher safe, reversible and battery free. If you prefer the handheld Whisperphone Element - click here.

WhisperPhone Solo suitable for children aged 5 - 11 years. Also available in a larger size WhisperPhone Solo X-Large is suitable for students aged 12+.

Sold individually or as a Set of 12 supplied in a deluxe storage bag.

*Colours may vary